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By Tracy Muthoni

From time to time you will be giving our readers a chance to listen to some of the opinions written by some of our writers. Tracy Muthoni gives you an inside standpoint of the outside fashionwise she is very optimistic about the fashion features and columns she will be penning but why does she want it that way? Here is why….

My name is Tracy Muthoni. I grew up with two siblings; both brothers. I guess it kind of explains my resentment towards extreme girly attitudes. I have a lot of aunties and uncles (you can guess the numerous cousins I’ve had to live with). Well sort of explains the many dramas I have had to see since my childhood but I guess drama is what makes families interesting I must say. I grew up in Meru, a town with very conservative people not to my liking but this doesn’t change the fact that I love it as it is.

I grew up in a world of art. You should have seen my mad art skills. I was quiet a painter not forgetting to mention how good I was at drawing. Sadly people grow and responsibilities increase by the day. I guess I was not that passionate to live up to my artistic standards to this day but hey at least I can still do some good work to this day.

The more you grow the more you gain self-realization. The body grows but the mind grows even more as you explore more ideas and available options. When I got to high school I realized that I got complements and people wanted me to share my ideas on what to and what not to wear. I found myself curious fashion wise. The thirst was quiet nagging I must say. So I always did my homework and research. The more I knew the more digging I did. It’s always rewarding having to live up to your standards on what to wear this includes setting your own rules (dos and don’ts) coming up with creative ideas and hacks. Sometimes you come up with a unique trend, mind you it’s not a borrowed idea and when you go out there those who love it will go and try it out. You may have zero chances of enjoying your own fashion ideas but you may have set a trend somewhere. It’s making an impact fashion wise and that feeling is satisfying.

Doing what is required builds you but doing what you love expands you, your views, your ideas and your knowledge. Regret is a no-go zone for me fashion wise. Reason, I love it. To this day I’ve learnt a lot from social media and also from people’s critics and I make sure I’m never a step behind. I’ve been weighing my options on letting you in on my main secret goal since I started typing. I want to create as many trends as possible. Even the fashion don’ts can be manipulated to something creative and admirable. I mean how can fashion be an art if we can’t bend the rules a little bit? Point is, the most important stage of self-realization is knowing what you love, your strengths and your weaknesses. You’ve frequently heard of ‘life is too short’ but to me it’s not. Life is never too short so don’t be in a hurry to have it all figured out. If you love something you must be keen on knowing what that is.

My life may not be a pile of extraordinary encounters but I aspire to teach and to learn from every person I meet and every occurrence I come across with. So why should my articles make you want more and more of them? It’s because I believe I want to grow and you will help me grow, correct and boost me. Help me learn what I’m yet to know.

Featured image model- Sharon Mbacha

photo credits- Hans Kinoti


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