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From time to time Teen Network Magazine will be doing various projects that will require our writers to talk about their opinion. On this one Dennis Menez our lead relationships writer describes why he does not drink or smoke.  You may wonder why someone like me doesn’t drink or smoke. I know it’s weird and it’s not something that you’d expect from a 21 year old. Before someone makes any decision there is something that influences him or her. My decision to not partake in drinking or smoking weed or cigarettes was made 8 years ago. I was in class 8 in boarding school watching wrestling. Two of my closest friends sat beside me. On the screen there was this wrestler called CM Punk. CM Punk had started a movement called the Straight Edge Society (S.E.S) The movement had a slogan “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs” while listening to him talk about how he doesn’t drink or do drugs I saw it as the coolest thing ever. This was a 35 year old man who didn’t do drugs or smoke. That in a weird way inspired me to be like that. So from that day me and my two closest friends joined the movement. In that same year while at home I saw a documentary on some Australian kids who were part of the Straight Edge Society. Their slogan was also the same. They didn’t drink or smoke, but the difference is that their movement was full of punks and emos who were rebellious in that part of the country. They didn’t drink or smoke but their rebellious level was high. Some saw them as a menace. The leader of that documentary talked about how you can have fun without doing drugs. As I kept on watching I was sold on that lifestyle. From that day I told myself I don’t need to drink or do drugs. Fast forward to 8 years later I’m in, still not drinking. I have never felt an urge to drink or do drugs. It may be fun to most of my peers but to me it ain’t. Do I go clubbing or to parties? Yes I do. I will be there to have fun just like the rest of the guys. Good thing is that I will take care of some of you drunkards. There was this time I told some dude that I don’t drink. He looked at me, placed his hand on my shoulder and told me “Pole bro.” To him it was weird that I don’t drink. Temptations to drink or smoke are always there. I’m always surrounded by guys who love weed and alcohol. I will just be with them and babysit their ass when things get bad. This seems like a boring life but I like it that way. I’m high on life. Weed and alcohol has helped some dudes get laid. Imagine if I drank or smoked weed, right now I would be having a really high body count. I don’t need to get high or drink so as to score. I’m better off being sober. This way I always aware of what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. I found out I’m not the only who doesn’t drink or do drugs. There is Lil Yachty (King Of The Youth), Kris Darling, CM Punk, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Logic, Macklemore, 50 Cent, Common and many more. As you can see you can live a drug free world.


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