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By Ajuma Faith Hey lovelies. So today on fashion lounge we are going to get things blazing with the blazer dress. I have been ignoring this for some time but somehow in some way it keeps popping up in my head.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word blazer? Power, sophistication, class, executive name it. All these adjectives come in mind. How about you add the word dress next to it and you get the perfect haute couture for the season.

Nothing says ‘’on trend’’ like the blazer dress. It speaks power, sass and class at the same time. It is swanky, official and versatile in all ways. You want to take the runway to your office or bring your workplace sass to a night out? This is your perfect outfit.

You can suit up and look sharp and speak the ultimate power in this dress. Those days of wearing boring suits to the office are long gone. Spark your work place in this outfit and feel like the fashionista you are. After work you can sass up your night out and shout your boss vibes in this dress.

The blazer dress comes in different styles and designs and you can get them in whatever color you want. One can even get it tailor made according to their own specification.

Get yourself looking classy, suave, edgy and chic today. Make that fashion statement. The blazer dress has got you covered.

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