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By Dennis Menez When will men learn that foreplay will enhance their P^ssy Retention Rate( Pussy Retention Rate is your ability to retain a woman after you both have sex), women don’t like to feel rushed.

Half of ya’ll (men) can’t last anyway, so do more foreplay. Men shy away from the stuff that really puts women in the mood. The more you arouse her, the freakier she will become.

P^ssy is like a fruit, the more you let it ripen; the more juicy and delicious it will taste when you finally bus it open.

I You Can Still Talk During Foreplay

When you start f^cking isn’t the time to ask her what she wants, by that time you should already know exactly what she wants. The only things you’re saying are just used to reiterate or turn her on.

During foreplay you can talk, whisper, and ask her how she wants her d!ck tonite.

II As a Man You Should Learn How to Be a Tease

Women aren’t the only gender that should tease. Make her want you for a change. Women are all about arousal the longer you tease her the more aroused she will become.

Make her clit grow large and pulsate. Make her juices run from the opening of her pussy down to her thighs. Instead of picking the fruit at anytime, make sure that berry is ripe when you taste.

III Map Out What Your Gonna Do to That P^ssy

Don’t rush, remember all the things she said she liked. Once you map them all out, envision how you will get there step by step. You should have a game plan and stick it. Your game plan will determine how the sex will be.

IV Enjoy Her

You don’t have to do this with every woman, however savor your woman’s flavors. Let your kisses be lingering, take a look at how sexy she is. Let her image intoxicate you with the drunken fervor of lust. Last time you just f^cked her, this time enjoy; look in her eyes, bites her lips, grab her booty- Enjoy what you pursued and won over.

V Women Dont Like to Be Rushed

Pamper the p^ssy when it comes to the bedroom, give good customer service to the woman that means so much to you. Take your time. Please her right and in return she will please you right. It’s as simple as that.

More Foreplay= More Play

When was the last time you had foreplay? Does foreplay make you hornier? Does foreplay make the sex better or could you do without it? Does everyone deserve foreplay? Comment your answer below.


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