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The world is slowly growing into a complex and new things keep coming up every single time. Teen Network will be seeking to put some of the tough things into perspective and making them simpler for you to read. We will be making sure basic Kenyan concepts and even tough world concepts are criticized and explained in a good way.

This week Beverly Masita and David Mwenda did an analysis on hangovers and why they occur and how you can avoid them or cure them if you want to make them go away completely. Here is what they found out.

It is the morning after; you cannot feel your legs. For some reason you check to see if you are in the hospital but once you raise your head and see that you are in your room you wish you had been taken to hospital. You have a hangover, a bad one, one that makes you swear that you are never going to drink again.

Hangovers are the most annoying thing ever. The discussion as to whether they might end or never end is ever evolving and it is hard to know whether there is anything that will ever fix that hang over really quickly. Some medical experts believe that there is no cure for a hangover; others have however worked on creating a cure for hangovers.

How do hangovers occur?

Alcohol is metabolized into acetaldehyde which is a substance that is very toxic when taken at high levels. The concentration is rarely high and hence there is no complete explanation on how they are caused.

Sleep is considered a leading factor to causing a hangover. The alcohol scrambles the hormones that normally regulate our bodies. However it is important to note that alcohol can trigger migraines and can hence leave you feeling suffering.

Hangovers tend to begin once your alcohol levels have started subsiding.  In fact the effects get worse when the levels have hit zero. This is why it is important to try as much as possible to avoid drinking to over intoxication.

Ever felt like some part of your brain is in a fist fight with your skull? Well here are ways to cure that stinging hangover like there never was a weekend.

Sleep it off

Well, there isn’t really much to write about here, hit the bed or the sofa and shut-eye. For one, you can just sleep it off, get some rest because there is little to no magic that can cure a hangover. When you get out of that bed, or couch, get a nice shower too.

A little bit of water or fresh juices can do some wonders….

Hydrate by taking a glass of water or maybe more. To prevent a hangover, you can also take a glass of water after each bottle of vodka or booze but where’s the fun in silmutaneous vodka/water shots. Also, you can hydrate by taking natural fresh juice. Get your bananas juiced up as they have lots of pottasium replenishing that which was lost in your drinking spree.

Taking A Fizzy Drink

A recent study by the Chinese on beverages discovered that lemon/lime based drinks were fastest at easing up hangovers by breaking up the alcohol. It is high in both water and sugar content providing both hydration and blood sugar balance. The alkalinity of its lemon content quells feelings of nausea by ensuring a balance in acidity in the gut.


Wake up to a greasy breakfast, eggs, or just crack that raw egg into a glass of booze and swallow it up.  Meat and eggs are perceived to contain amino acid cysteine that clears out toxins. Bland breakfasts are also said to boost sugar levels without any repercussions on the body.

Have Some Porridge

Leading nutritionist, Rhiannon Lambert of the infamous Harley street clinic(she isnt much of a heavy drinker though) has one up her sleeves for when she does plunge into the world of the unknown-porridge. She palates porridge or a big bowl of a smoothie to be her genie in the bottle. Psych! Ain’t sure about its problem solving ability.

Tit for tat; take a bit of alcohol to cure that hangover

Also, sipping a little bit of booze during that hangover, (kutoa lock) I hear, can make u better. I prefer taking hot soup than more booze. But if u can use the poison to cure yourself and get rid of the poison itself; why not?

These tips, my dear vodka people, are your way to better mornings after a night(s) of partying and feeling light headed and dehydrated. Go on; get rid of that poison now. It was Friday like five minutes ago, right?



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