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I have had this conversation so many times with people who use and do not use marijuana. Every time you get a different explanation and a different opinion. Every time I get a different dimension to it.

Kenyan legislator Ken Okoth has decided to present a bill to legalise the use of medical marijuana. It is a step after Gwada Ogot presented a petition to the Senate Health committee to legalize the use of medical marijuana. Now you might ask yourself why legalize something that is considered so “dangerous”. For many years people have said that marijuana is a dangerous drug which should be regulated. However the discussion on the benefits of Marijuana is left unattended. So here top 4 health benefits of medical marijuana:

  1. Stop cancer cells from spreading and also helps with chemotherapy

Marijuana regulates the spread of Id-1 which is a gene responsible for the growth of cancer cells. However the cancer cells regulate the spread.

For cancer patients it helps cancer patients by helping them with getting their appetite and also reduces the pain they experience during chemotherapy.

  1. Helps HIV/AIDS patients

Patients suffering from HIV/AIDS are also beneficiaries of marijuana use. The drug helps with the maintenance of their diet and handle associated pains and problems.

  1. Decreases anxiety and anxiety levels

Did you know anxiety is actually a disorder; a mental health disorder actually. It improves a smoker’s mood and acts a sedative when taken in low doses. However users who use this to reduce anxiety need to be very cautious when using it as when used in high doses may make you feel paranoid.

  1. Decreases carcinogenic effects of tobacco and improves lung health

A study done by the America Medical Association shows that marijuana is likely to improve functions of the lung and in the long run lung capacity. It is bound to improve the effects of carcinogens by tobacco.

  1. Helps individuals with eating disorders

If you happen to have an eating disorder then this one should help you. Marijuana helps you regulate eating patterns. It can come in handy for people who have disorders like Bulimia and Anorexia.

  1. Alternative treatment to headaches

Most people prefer Tyenol and Ibuprofen for their headaches. However they might have some health effects such as liver damage and ulcers. However with Marijuana you will an alternative to head ache treatment.


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