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By Beverly Masita Do you ever find yourself in a position where you totally have no ideas to base your writing on? Or when you do have the slightest kind of an idea, it just does not flow or comes out like its whack, and it really is whack! You are reading the right article for your constipation.  Having a writer’s block is abso-fucking-lutely real and not an excuse for when we cannot get anything done. Most people write when they are inspired. I cannot question this. If nothing gets my mind on adrenaline, I tend to do nothing.

What if calling it a writer’s block actually gives this situation more power than it already has? It gets into your head. When you don’t get anything done or done correctly, you chant the word block. It does not get any better when you do this. Write some things. They might not make sense but with some effort, you are likely to get back up and do something more constructive, something that you will like and something that your audience will acknowledge. That writing monster will rise once again.

Another strategy is to just let it be. Let’s say you were writing a piece about something and you have no idea how to continue this piece or how to conclude it. Put it aside and engage in some other activities. After doing that, go back and grab that piece of writing and start reading it as if you are not the author. You can do it repeatedly and make changes where you see fit. When you get to the end of the piece of writing or manuscript, you will have gotten the idea or known how to continue with the story as you are enthusiastic about the end. Go about it word by word, no hurry and you will most certainly have a good literary piece at hand. Yay!

Also, you can change your audience. Instead of writing to hundreds of people as your audience, pretend to, or write to one person, a person who gives you good criticism, one you are not afraid to share with. Pick out one person and write to them. Hundreds of people who are faceless and nameless can sometimes get to you because you want perfection for them as they are bound to judge you and whatever you wrote. How sad that people will always find fault in you and your work, no matter what amount of effort you put into it.

If all of these strategies don’t work for you, you might want to try timing yourself as you write. Have a fixed amount of time for you to sit down and type on your computer. This will help you achieve something for instance if you have a really tight schedule, it might help if you knew that you set aside some time for writing, and you actually did write something during those minutes.

According to Toni Morrison, you can also find a ritual that you can do right before you settle to write. This should help get you in the writing spirit as it mentally prepares you .You can take a walk, brew some coffee, listen to music and many other considerable things that can help switch your mind and get your fingers dancing on the keyboard.

Considering the fact that a block happens because you are overwhelmed by too many activities and thoughts that fill your mind due to your daily activities, it is suggested that you step away from your writing desk. Get away from it, take a walk, brew coffee, cook, sleep or d anything that could distract you. Be patient a writer’s block can be very discouraging. Find a way to know what got you into this block and try solving it, make changes to your writing procedures and try new things. You will have figured it out.


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