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By Dennis Menez A woman’s broken heart is a fragile thing. Getting your heart broken is almost inevitable when you put yourself out into the world to love and love fully, but men and women have different ways of dealing with the hurt, getting over the pain and moving on.

When it comes to women, many become broken, sometimes beyond repair and begin to build up walls to protect themselves from being hurt again. Many have the walls up to mask the many issues they have developed from the heartache they have experienced, but most still have the desire to try again and to find someone they can truly connect with.

You must understand that there are rules to dealing with a woman in this category. You cannot approach or treat her the same as a woman who has never experienced this type of pain. You must proceed with caution and keep in mind the following tips I will give you.

First, you must realize that she will have at least one of the several issues:

  • Abandonment issues
  • Trust issues
  • Self esteem issues
  • Low self love
  • Difficulty communicating
  • Insecurity
  • Guarded

With keeping these issues in mind, here are a few tips on how to proceed with a broken woman.

Remain consistent

A broken woman is used to a man switching up his stories and simply dealing with her whenever he feels the need that he has to. Remain consistent with your stories, your feelings and with the way you treat her, because if you waver in any way, anxiety will begin to set in and she may begin to withdraw from the situation.

Women who have abandonment issues look for signs of men who aren’t consistent as signs that he may leave without notice. Stick to a schedule, and if things change up, explain why. It may seem silly to you, but the insecurity that a broken woman harbors is real.

Go at her pace

Because of her past experiences, she will be a bit apprehensive about pursuing a relationship with you, so you must let her lead by going at the pace she wants to go. If you become too aggressive and try to make things progress faster than what she is comfortable with, you will turn her off and she will shut down.

She may not be as open to communicating her feelings to you, so you will have to be patient and let her open up at her own pace. Your patience will be recognized and appreciated.


A lack of open and honest communication is often a huge problem that broken women have had to deal with in the past. Don’t be afraid to communicate to her how you really feel and what you want. She will notice your efforts to be open with her and it will give you cool points on the upside.

Also, make sure you remain consistent with the communication, because if you go a few days without speaking to her, she will begin to feel as if you have abandoned her, and begin to retreat from the growing relationship.

Be open and honest

Do not bring any signs of secrecy or manipulation into the relationship. If she feel like you are deceiving her, she will shut down and shut you out. Be open and honest about how you feel and about what you want so that she will know how to move forward at her pace.

Most women who have been broken are used to lies and fabricated stories, so it will be a breath of fresh air to finally have the truth be told.

If taking these steps seems a bit too much for you, then maybe dealing with a broken woman isn’t what is best for you. However, if you see something in this type of women that is worth pursuing, then remember that you will be acting as a healer to her broken heart.


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