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From time to time you will be giving our readers a chance to listen to some of the opinions written by some of our writers. David Mwenda gives you an interesting account of something he would call resilience to him. a character from an American sitcom that he really admires.  Here is why he loves the character.


So I’ve been trying to write about random things. Honestly I don’t do random well; I hate it when something is just sprung up on me without me knowing it will be sprung up on me. Dear future wife please take note of this do not just wake me up and tell me we are going to Njeri’s wedding on the day of the wedding, you will end up going to that wedding alone. First of all who is Njeri, why are we going to her wedding? She is always the one who comes to whine right? She never keeps her mouth shut and she is just too much and last time I checked she ate the ribs I had left in the fridge for my perfectly quiet Sunday.  To be honest I would only attend her wedding to probably go and pick one of the many cakes she has and eat it when everyone is watching. But bottom line is just do not spring it on me.

I have been watching Big Bang Theory a lot; well its kinda those series I just like watching when I know I have beat a deadline. It makes me laugh it makes me sad and most of the time it makes me feel like some if not all characters owe me more than about  480 minutes of the time each year because I sit down to watch them more times than that. I hope me and Chuck Lorre can work something out one of these days.

One character I am starting to admire Raj. For those who have not watched Big Bang Theory it is about a two roommates Sheldon and Leonard who always have their friends over for some reason they do not hang out anywhere else. They have very weird relationships my favorite character is Sheldon he is just too hilarious; but isn’t he everyone’s favorite character watch it never disappoints.

Back to Raj could not speak to women when the series started. He always found himself having to use alcohol for courage don’t we all at some point? He finally got over the fear when he got dumped by his girlfriend Lucy who could no longer take the pressure. Raj has been through the most when it comes to relationships. He has had like 5 relationships and they have not worked out and he still goes on and he still gives his best. It takes courage to keep going.

I admire the fact that he always thinks that there is someone who is there for him. He has literally not stopped trying even though he suffers a setback. One incident just made me think damn, he broke off a relationship he had had for a couple of days because he couldn’t stomach breaking a marriage if it was some people I know they would never give a damn. You have to love the resilience that he has every time to bounce back.

I wish I had that kind of resilience or just an ounce of it to always keep searching and searching till he gets a partner. May be sometimes all we need to do is just be strong and just push on. It is Sunday as I write this and the house is so quiet so I am to just silently continue enjoying the silence and probably write some more. So happy week ahead or should I say weekend? Whichever you like.


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