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By Dennis Menez I hate dating. It’s an unfair situation where the balance of power is decisively swung in the favor of the female. When a man is on a date, he’s auditioning. A woman isn’t trying to impress you.

If you’ve asked her out then obviously she has something you want—a pretty face, banging body, or she’s rich. All the pressure is on the man to deliver a memorable date. If a woman has agreed to go on a date with you it doesn’t mean she likes you. Its means she’s hungry/bored or thinks she likes you.



Girls don’t care about your dysfunctional family, ex-GF, or the music you like. Give one word answers and always flip it back. If she asks about your ex just say “She had issues so I had to break it off, but what about you? You still cool with your ex.” That leads into a twenty to thirty minute conversation.


Girls love to talk. I hate going into a restaurant and seeing two young lovers silently looking at their phones trying to figure out a conversation starter. She’s a woman; she’s only shy when it comes to topics she doesn’t want to talk about.

KEEP IT X-rated

I never understood people who avoid sex talk. Everyone thinks about sex, so put it out there at least once a date. I once had a girl say something like “I like your lips; I bet you eat pu$#y good?” She said it jokingly, but she meant it. I wasn’t up on game so I didn’t have a witty comeback, and I let the opportunity pass me by. 

I’m telling you; don’t be scared to say “You ever had sex on the rooftop?” in the middle of a date. Girls are not as easy to offend as we think. Not only will it break the ice, it’ll throw her off of that “Lol, I’m shy” game.

Act like You Don’t Give a Fuck

Don’t be extra towards women, don’t open doors, and don’t pull out chairs. Don’t wait until she eats to eat. Fuck it; check your Twitter while she’s still going on about why she doesn’t hang with girls despite the fact that all of her friends are girls. Girls don’t like soft ass niggas; they hate pushovers.

They want a challenge. Let her call you out on being rude, so you can argue with her. That goes a long way in building sexual tension.


K.I.S.S Keep It Simple Stupid. Don’t take these women to a high class joint on your first date. If you take her to a 5 star hotel how on earth are you going to outshine that? You can only go down from there. Start low and keep things simple.

The movies are your friends. I’m not talking about Netflix and chill. I’m talking about movies. The ones you go to the cinema to watch. 2 hours in the dark feeling her up is the best option. The thing that will ruin your chances is talking.

Men don’t know what to say out of their mouths. We don’t know when to swallow our opinions. We don’t know when to compliment the way she accessorizes. A dark movie theater takes all of that away. You don’t have the chance to fuck up when Kevin Hart is doing all the talking.

Never go for sex. If anything cut the date off early. You know how chicks have friends who call them saying it’s an emergency right after you finish eating —that works both ways. Peace out abruptly and don’t apologize for it. Tell her something came up you’ll call tomorrow. Girls hate the feeling of inadequacy.

Even if the date was going bad, you brushing her off will put the pressure on her. Now she’s wondering what she did wrong, You just guaranteed yourself a 2 date where she’ll be trying to impress you– boomerang motherfucker.


Bring your friend around. Not a double date, because another bitch will ruin everything. Go to a cool place; make sure one of your homies just happens to be in the area, and then tell your girl that a friend of yours will be passing by but won’t stay that long. See what you just did? You brought the movie experience back.

You bring in your friend who’s a clown or a crazy dude. Every dude has a clown friend or a crazy homeboy who will entertain like a five year old. You let him come in and tell jokes, big you up, and talk shit about your ex-girlfriends. You don’t have to say anything, just hold her hand and show that you don’t mind being affectionate in front of your boy, trust me she’ll notice.

You’re still being mysterious, but since this is the 2 time out, she feels comfortable. She thinks she knows you despite the fact that the deepest conversation you had was about how that movie was.

Time to boost her ego

Take her on a walk somewhere secluded where you can have your sensitive moment. This is when it’s time to talk, not about you, but about her. Tell her how cool she is, never lead with looks. You gas her personality up to high heavens. Feed her lines about how you can be yourself around her, she makes you feel comfortable, y’all have that connection. She feels it too.

She doesn’t know that she’s spent two dates talking about herself. She hasn’t bothered to ask what your last name is, but she thinks you’re the perfect guy because you actually listen. Top that off with a comment on her outfit, “those shoes look great on you.” She will get embarrassed, tell you stop playing yada yada, you pour on how bad she is—then throw your tongue in her mouth. Pull away from her; don’t give her a chance to say, “We have to stop”. It’s all about keeping her wanting more.


Take her to the crib for the first time; spend a romantic night inside just chilling. Because this is a trailer to what you’ll actually be doing if you were a couple. If all goes well, at the end of the night make her your girlfriend. I don’t care if you don’t want to be in a relationship– DO IT.

If you survived the three dates then you must like this girl. And if you like her throw some cuffs on it and give her the title of Girlfriend.

But what about the sex?

If you were expecting to fuck in three dates then you’re an idiot. If your radar was any good you would have known after forty minutes of date number one if she’s easy to fuck or not.

I wasn’t building you up to have sex with her. This blog isn’t about how to have sex with a 5 star woman in three dates. It’s about playing the game and making her fall in lust with you.

There’s s a lot of girls out here giving away free pussy so choose your 3 dates carefully, do not invest three dates on damaged women. I repeat DO NOT INVEST THREE DATES ON DAMAGED WOMEN.

You shouldn’t be taking some women to see 3D movies when all you have to do is buy her some good weed and get some pussy. Please guys, only pick bad chicks for the 3 date test, this is not for every woman walking on this earth. Now after Date 3 this boss chick belongs to you.

By one month anniversary you two will have already had sex and then you will begin the real relationship where you actually open up and talk about things that matter.

What if she says, “No I’m not ready for a relationship right now”? Then you have sex with her non committal ass and never take her out again. The last thing you want to be is the dude who takes a girl out every week, investing in something that other dudes are hitting for free.

If you’re on date 5 and she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you then trust that there is someone in the background enjoying all the benefits? So if she won’t commit, then simply hit and quit.


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