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By Dennis Menez Women have more ladies night out than how men have dude’s night out. We guys should also value a guy’s night out just as much as women. When it comes to going out with the fellas there are some few rules that you should always follow.


Now, dudes night out has a few rules:


1) Find out where she’ll be but do not tell her where you will be

This a sacred rule; don’t tell you wifey where you will be going. She shouldn’t know because if she does know where you are going; guess who you will run into at the club? If she doesn’t come to the club she may send a spy to watch your little ass misbehave in the club.


 2) If she sends you a text message ignore it.

If you are on your dude’s night out and you get a text like “beb uko wapi?”

Just delete the text and pretend like you never got it. It’s that simple. If you make a mistake and reply to that text, you will find yourself leaving your boys and heading home.


3) Don’t tell your girl where we went, and if she forces you to, lie your ass off

Rule number one to lying. If you lie about something never confess about it. Lie about it till you die. If you went out and met some bitches that you know she doesn’t like it’s better if you lie and say you were at a boring place watching football.

When your girl asks you about something, don’t look like you’ve just seen a ghost or ask a dumb question like, “Mbona unaniuliza nilikua wapi,” just start laughing, it’s the best way to cover up your development of the best lie ever.


4) Do not kiss and tell

A man should be able to know he’s still got game. If you get successful and chipo a woman never follow up or call her later on. What you will do ends that night. Don’t bring scandals and drama at home. Play it safe.


5) You better have a damn good reason for missing dudes night out.

You should have a really convincing reason for missing dude’s night out. If you missed because you were studying for you CATS that is acceptable. But if you missed dude’s night out because of some lame reason that’s a NO! NO! Always make time for your dudes.





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