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By Dennis Menez In the world of online dating; Tinder has become the most popular dating app for millennials. Some of us, for the most part, have had a Tinder profile. If you don’t have a profile just download the app and have fun swiping. In Tinder you will experience the best and worst of online dating.


How does Tinder work?


First of all….. You will need to download the app

Set up your account using your phone number or use your Facebook profile.

After the set up, add some pics of yourself. Write your bio (something about you, hobbies blah blah. My Tinder bio is lit)


Go to settings and specify the age bracket of the kind of people that you want and set distance proximity. It is as simple as that.


When you are through with all these you can now go and explore the Tinder universe. Tinder is just like Instagram. You will be attracted to someone based on what you see and what they have on their bio. Some women that I met had one of those bios that make you wanna know them.


In Tinder, when you swipe left it means you aren’t interested in that person. If you swipe right you like the person (you like what you see). If someone swipes your profile right and you swipe hers right you instantly match. If you match with someone you can now chat with them.

Lessons Learnt From Tinder

A Match Doesnt Mean They Are Interested.


It’s a superficial world in here. All that they have of you is a bunch of pics and whatever you wrote in your profile. How much can they tell of you from there?

When someone matches with you, it just means they like your photos, they like what they see in the photos/profile, they think you are cool. Matching with someone basically means you both like each other’s profile. This doesn’t mean you will hit it off when you start chatting. On my first few weeks on Tinder I had a couple of matches.

Tinder is like an ocean full of beautiful women in all shapes, colors and sizes, there is too much eye candy. The possibilities of finding a face that you like are very high.


If you are a lady I can guarantee that you will come across several Arabs. They are the Indians of Tinder. In a matter of minutes you will have matched with several dudes. Be prepared for weird, spooky texts and numerous dates if you play your cards well.


My niggas, be prepared for women who will reply your text after like a week. If you match with someone and she’s online work your magic quick. Get her number as soon as possible because you don’t know when she will open that app again. Remember you aren’t the only who’s matching with her.


Swiping is addictive.

Once you start swiping right you won’t stop. It’s really a good way to pass time. Don’t be surprised if you come across profiles of people from your university. Most will have fake names.


People Have Options.


The thing about dating apps is that it creates a false sense of invincibility for some. But just imagine – Suddenly, you have this myriad of options literally at your fingertips. One profile after another, you swipe and swipe. The chat log starts filling up with conversations; some you take to WhatsApp, others you add to your calendar for lunch or dinner or sleepover. It seems so easy, so exciting.


You can easily get ghosted or dropped like a hot potato because the person you were seeing suddenly had one of their “options” become more prospective. On Tinder just like Instagram there is always someone hotter than you.


Some Profiles are Fake.


Everything that glitters is not gold. Have you ever seen someone sooo pretty that you start questioning her looks. “This can’t be her” on Tinder you will came across such profiles. There is this girl I had to cross check her IG page with her Tinder profile. They didn’t match. The two profiles were very different. She was stealing another woman’s pic from IG and using it on Tinder.


Some Profiles are just Weird


They either have no photo or photos that have no faces (like a quote, or a graphic, or scenery, emoji, nails, just her ass), and then have nothing in the description. No one really wants to be friends with an emoticon or an image of your eyes. Lemme see your face.


There are some who made up for the lack of a profile pic with a decent profile description, Some descriptions are so lit that they make up for the lack of photos. But I don’t feel comfortable when I don’t know how they look like. Why are they afraid to put their photo? Anyway, maybe they have their reasons.


Expectations are High


Some women’s profiles that I came across had a shopping list of expectations. I saw people indicate their preferences in their profiles. When you go through people’s bios you will see some write what they are looking for on Tinder. Some want a serious relationship, others want something casual, some are looking for new friends etc.


Some will go on further and write who they want. They will specify if they want someone tall, light skin/dark skin etc


These expectations are good, because you save time either way – Some were very straight forward. If she isn’t looking for a relationship or a hook up she would say.


Some had a looooong list of their preferences and honestly it was a bit overwhelming. I mean, it’s good to be honest from the start but not everything needs to be so specific. You do know that in life,


You more often than not end up with someone who doesn’t fit your list of requirements?



Are you bored with your current men?

Do you miss going out on dates?

If your answers are yes. Download Tinder today and I can guarantee you will have free dates and dinners within 3 days. Niggas will be lining up to take you out but they all want to smash.


Tinder is best for women. Dudes will want to impress you when you meet. If you are a dude the only way you can get lucky on Tinder is if you know how to chat/talk. Once you get her to give you her WhatsApp number you. are one step closer to meeting up with her.


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