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From time to time we will be letting our writers write about some of their personal opinions. On this one our Teen Network President describes why he loves club photography and why you should book a shoot with Teen Network’s Hiden Photography.  We all love visiting that fancy club around us to grab a drink or to watch the crazy stuff that goes around the clubs.  Not missing the famous bottles of vodka, whiskey, rum or beer. If you do not go there for drinks well you probably have reasons best known to you. For me sometimes that reason is club photography. Club photography is one of the most beautiful types of photography’s. The mixture of colors and the rich variety of places one can pose. It gives you the free will of playing different roles. You can chose to be the naughty kind, wild, the good caring or the simple don’t care kind. All these in one aspect can create controversy in any viewer who finds any of the pictures first. So I had this once shoot at the famous Klub House 1 in Parklands.  Every upcoming photographer has a thing for this club. The best thing about the place is that they allow photography as long as you carry you national identity with you. It is a club full of different African colors and African aspects that a lot of people love going to see and the beautiful designs that are set. Below is a small glance about how the shots were. Every photo with a shot caption to try and trigger your mind to think about the message the photos display.

Can’t Persevere On It No More Look

We all have that look when things go abit sideways and your left blank feeling like the world is tearing you apart.


Some people really look like snacks and you just want a piece of them, while others are so good that you wanna be on their side forever. As they say ‘It is hard to resist a bad boy who is a good man’ and vice versa.’

Am I Pretty? Or Where Is It?

Every lady needs her outer beauty shown to the world through the gestures her body makes in photos while she is standing. She might be holding on something or leaning. This look comes out a bit intimidating to a lot of men because they usually lack a means to start the conversation. Sometimes the look may come out seductive just depends on the amount of effort she needs to loosen your animal spirit out.


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