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Women Who Whisky

By Dennis Menez First of all for a long time ‘www’ meant world wide web. Even the most ignorant person knows that I guess, until from nowhere some creative women out of love for the whiskey brand coined that word to mean ‘women who whiskey’. It is just genius how they came up with that. ...


How to Deal With the Broken Woman

By Dennis Menez A woman’s broken heart is a fragile thing. Getting your heart broken is almost inevitable when you put yourself out into the world to love and love fully, but men and women have different ways of dealing with the hurt, getting over the pain and moving on. When it comes to women, ...


“Changing Dandora in my own special way” Ken’s story

“It is about getting more jobs for the youth rather than giving them handouts in this bad economy. “ These were the opening remarks of Ken who is a Human Rights defender in Dandora. The 26 year old entrepreneur and event organizer for Dandora Hip hop City has come to understand the importance of empowering ...


Fashion Lounge: Boot Up; Its cold season

From time to time our Fashion Editor, Ajuma Faith will be giving you fashion advice right here on fashion lounge. Consider this a safe space to get your fashion needs explained to you by our editor and other fashion experts and giving you the best advice. To a new beginning; Right? The cold season is ...


You won’t be saying Couture without Nove in front of it

Everlyn Gatobu Mandato is killing it with her new fashion brand is making sure that she is bringing her A game into the industry. The Bachelor of Commerce Degree graduate, Blogger and head of fashion line NOVE


Health Benefits of Marijuana

I have had this conversation so many times with people who use and do not use marijuana. Every time you get a different explanation and a different opinion. Every time I get a different dimension to it. Kenyan legislator Ken Okoth has decided to present a bill to legalise the use of medical marijuana. It ...


Impact of mobile access to creating employment explained

By Tonny Brian The mobile industry provides employment directly or indirectly. These direct jobs are created by either mobile operators or manufactured in professions such as engineering, manager or sales and customer care personnel. Indirect jobs however have stronger potential for growth. These jobs range from application development, software creation, and content provision and call ...


How to beat that writers block

By Beverly Masita Do you ever find yourself in a position where you totally have no ideas to base your writing on? Or when you do have the slightest kind of an idea, it just does not flow or comes out like its whack, and it really is whack! You are reading the right article ...


What would change in the music industry

The debate on #PlayKeMusic is still raging. We all have our perspectives on this but we have not talked about what upcoming artists who are not getting any rotation are feeling. I spoke to Evans Kinuthia commonly referred to as “Kins” on this and his road so far.  Who is Kins? Kins is a Kenyan ...


What’s Your Girlfriend’s Expiration Date?

By Dennis Menez If you’re in a fucked up situation man or woman, you should be strong enough to deal with the hurt of ending it and simply move on to the next one.   There are a lot of females out here who can’t let go of their toxic relationships, so they go along ...


Feminism explained

If there is any word that has caused a lot of stir over the last couple of years is the word feminism. The word has become so confusing and mucked with a lot of mud. As I researched for this piece I found out that feminism is very diverse and it is very deep to ...


Hangover’s and getting rid of them

The world is slowly growing into a complex and new things keep coming up every single time. Teen Network will be seeking to put some of the tough things into perspective and making them simpler for you to read. We will be making sure basic Kenyan concepts and even tough world concepts are criticized and ...


Uprising: Meet a student who has a huge tomato farm

We all have stories to tell. At Teen Network we are dedicated to telling these stories hence the category Uprising we are going to be telling the stories of people who are doing things that are making an impact in our society or are brazing a trail in their industry. This week Dennis Menez tells ...


To the club we should go!!! And take photos

From time to time we will be letting our writers write about some of their personal opinions. On this one our Teen Network President describes why he loves club photography and why you should book a shoot with Teen Network’s Hiden Photography.  We all love visiting that fancy club around us to grab a drink ...



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