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The debate on #PlayKeMusic is still raging. We all have our perspectives on this but we have not talked about what upcoming artists who are not getting any rotation are feeling. I spoke to Evans Kinuthia commonly referred to as “Kins” on this and his road so far. 

Who is Kins?

Kins is a Kenyan artist born Evans Kinuthia.  i was born and raised in Eldoret but currently based in Nairobi.

Walk me the journey of how you realize that you wanted to do music?

I knew I wanted to do music as a career at my form 1 orientation when people were asked careers they would want to pursue. I never said it out loud but it was at the back of my mind. This was after being influenced and growing around music influence from a very young age (before i joined primary) by my elder siblings who were also doing music at the time

How do you describe your sound?

To be honest have never considered what my sound is. The music i make is dictated by the choice of beat. The mood of the song and the content of the song too. But i believe my music is a standard form that anyone in Kenya can relate with and understand. I also believe my style is what should represent Kenyan Music/Hiphop on an international scale

Your songs seem to border on a bit of trap and old school hip hop. Do you think guys should embrace a fusion of both sounds?

Yes definitely if my music borders a fusion of trap and oldschool hiphop that’s what people should embrace!!. But i attribute my style to a wide range of musical influences

Do you think it is what has caused Kenyan music hard to penetrate because people want to make it on their own?

No actually i think its the best thing happening to music that we have a lot of artists  coming out with their own styles. It will promote a lot of diversity and when this styles will combine we’ll have a lot of unique music coming out of Kenya

Do you think enough is being done to recognize upcoming Kenyan artists?

Actually I don’t think so. Because even after the PlayKe hashtag all i have heard being played is a lot of music from already established artists and very little music from upcoming artists. But I see it as a positive step towards giving upcoming artists the shine they need because sooner or later they’ll need more content and they’ll be forced to look for it from upcoming artists.

In your opinion what would you change about the Kenyan music industry if given a chance?

I would start by changing the music structure from how music is  managed at the record labels,to how the music is distributed without interfering with the creation process in such a way that it will make people more receptive to more diverse styles of music for their value and quality and Not just one genre be it hiphop ,kapuka,  rnb afro beats etc





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