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Everlyn Gatobu Mandato is killing it with her new fashion brand is making sure that she is bringing her A game into the industry. The Bachelor of Commerce Degree graduate, Blogger and head of fashion line NOVE COUTURE which she runs with her best friend Norah

Teen Network’s Mitchelle Bwari sat with her on a round of issues and came out with a lot of useful information on the fashion industry.

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*What inspired Nove Cotoure?*

Love for fashion and two best friends daring to dream together.

*Describe Eve,Who is Eve?*

I am a young vibrant woman, something which has a lot to do with the woman who has brought me up, my mom.

Among very many things I love listening to music, I treasure solitude and I blog about love, sex and relationships. is the link to my blog.

 *Q. Which fashion icon do you look up to. Tell us a little about your style too.*

*A* I love simple looks that look sophisticated.

Honestly, anyone who can blend different looks and look fashionable, is a fashion icon to me.

*Q*Where do you get your drive know all these positive vibe, creativity*

*A* My best friend plays a big role in this. We love original looks so we either sketch a design from scratch or buy ideas and mess with the designs until we come up with a different, usually better look.

*Balancing your studies and career must be demanding right,how do you go about that*

I won’t say it’s that hard because I know of people who have to work for sustainability  and they still do their class work. I appreciate being able to do both.

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*What challenges do you constantly face in the fashion industry*

Clowning of designs. Very many people buy ideas and come up with more affordable, low quality products, something that you cannot control.

*If you were asked to rob a bank with one kitchen utensil what would you use* 


That would be a fork.

*What’s one thing u always have in your bag*

Tampon… You never know



*Where do you see Nove Cotoure in the next 5 years*

You will be a very loyal customer hun

Of course with God helping us.

*Where can we get you on social media*:

Instagram Eve_Mack

NOVE couture.

Keep a lookout for Nove Couture peeps fashion on a whole other level.

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